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Food Diary & Daily Journal

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Happy habits, food diary and daily journal. Guides to a happier healthier life

Easy-to-follow guides to support your journey towards better health and well-being for your body and mind. Covering a total overhaul of your diet, lifestyle & happiness! Giving you the tools you need to be healthy, and happy and create a life you love, using science-backed methods used in Health & Life Coaching.


4 Week Food Guided Diary to Cultivate Healthy Habits


This unique food diary will enable you to gain a deeper understanding of how and why you eat and help you tune in and listen to your body and what it needs so you can start to build new healthier habits. Included is a 4-week daily diary for monitoring your eating habits with an easy-to-follow guide to note why you're eating and how you are feeling. There are also information pages on Good Fats and Bad Fats, Calories & Weight, Where Your Food Comes From and Self Love & Body Image. It is full of inspirational quotes and support to help you on your journey to cultivate sustainable change and better health.

This Food Diary is for you to learn about your eating habits. You can monitor and then adjust what and how you eat to make the changes you need to achieve your optimal weight and health. Food is the Fuel your body needs to function optimally, the wrong fuel can make you unwell, and unhappy and cause chronic disease.

Fill in your Food Diary every day, for 4 weeks, and at the end of each week, fill in the End of Week Notes and complete the Food Diary Summary at the back of the Diary. Each week you will be able to analyse and learn more and more about your eating habits. You will notice foods that your body may be intolerant to and preventing you from losing weight, or negatively affecting you physically or emotionally. Make any relevant notes and adjust your diet accordingly, try new foods, and monitor any positive or negative changes in how you are feeling.

This book will enable you to gain a deeper understanding of how and why you eat, learn to tune in and listen to your body and what it needs to build new healthier habits.


3 Month Daily Journal to Cultivate Happiness


Take the time you need to reconnect to yourself and find authentic happiness and balance in all areas of your life.

Journaling every day has been proven to reduce stress, anxiety and depression, improve your immune function, and memory, boost your mood and strengthen your emotional function. It can also help with productivity, and motivation, building new habits and seeing where in your life needs some attention for a healthier balance.

In the morning write down your thoughts and feelings, whatever is in your head, nothing is right or wrong. It's not an essay it's just a few thoughts and feelings. There is a creative space for doodles, drawing, scribbling a quote or anything creative that comes to mind, and you can list your gratitudes and goals for the day

In the evening you can reflect on your day and write about how you felt, what made you happy, what didn’t and what you are grateful for.

There are also weekly check-ins for the end of each week for you to look at areas in your life that need a healthier balance and list the top 3. You can make a weekly plan and think about what you can do to improve the areas that need the most attention. You can also think about and note how you want to feel the following week and write down your goals and your daily habits.

The best way to build a journaling habit is to keep your Daily Journal next to your bed and fill it out when you wake up and before you go to sleep.


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